The Food Division of the Jay County Health Department is responsible for licensing and inspection of Retail Food Establishments, Bed and Breakfast Establishments, and Temporary Food Establishments (i.e., grocery stores, restaurants, taverns, bakeries, schools, hospitals, convenience stores and non-profit organizations operating 15 days or more a year). The Food Division responds to consumer food-related complaints and investigates food-borne illness outbreaks within Jay County.

The Food Division provides food safety education and consultations for the Farmer’s Markets and Home-Based Vendors.

The Food Division reviews plans and blueprints for the construction of New Retail Food Establishments or the remodeling of current Retail Food Establishments within Jay County. For questions or information email:

For food recalls visit the following websites:

or Email:

Food & Drug Association


Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco

Indiana State Egg Board

Indiana Board of Animal Health

Indiana Department of Health/Food Protection

Penn State Home Canning

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